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You are invited to join Ecology Network! RSVP below!A space focused on the relationship between corporate power and environmental catastrophe. We’re interested in gathering with folks who, like us, want an end to corporate destruction of the Earth for-profit and to create alternatives for a truly livable world. 

Move to Amend has focused on ending the constitutional rights for corporations in the United States which are used to get away with; dangerous fracking and pipelines, spewing oil and toxic waste into the water, mountaintop removal, usurping community rights and violating treaties, and every other shameful action corporations take in the pursuit of maximum profit. 

We have one perspective and hold one piece of the work, but the fight for the survival of animals and ecosystems will take many of us. The is a space where we invite folks who are fighting this fight to come and share with us, help strengthen the public education we do and uplift your work, and connect with other threads of the movement.


First Thursday @ 5:00 pm PT/ 8:00 pm ET


August 11, 2022 at 5:00pm - 6:30pm
walt geisel Kevin Shockey Carol Kuczora Manuel Espinosa

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