Move to Amend Core Principles

Our vision to make real the promise of democracy requires we adhere to the following Core Principles:

1) Anti-Oppression and Solidarity Organizing helps us develop relationships with those on the front lines of struggle against the impacts of corporate rule, including communities of color, our essential and immediate allies in the work ahead. Only through the talents, experience and wisdom of all persons is mutual governance and a system rooted in justice possible.

2) Coalition and Movement Building is integral to connecting numerous issue communities to the legal roadblocks of corporate constitutional rights and money as protected political speech. The power of a movement rests on the common ground, the shared vision and strategies, among its participant members and groups. That ground is the result of focused listening, learning, talking, and evaluating together.

3) Grassroots Organizing is the key to building capacity. Personal relationships are still the best way to spread our message and find support. Deep change takes root from below and is nurtured by the life and community around it. That nurturing is delivered through the arts and skills of local democratic organizing.

4) Dedication to Political Education is an ongoing, necessary process to absorb the lessons of history and the successes or failures of past people's movements and move forward to victory with intentionality. We cannot change where we are unless we know how we got here. What's the story? What went wrong? What were the forces at work? Through this mutual understanding we are better equipped to rethink that story and engage one another in creating a new story that makes real the promise of democracy.

5) Political and Economic Independence allows us to go forth unencumbered by partisan politics or the quid pro quo associated with corporate or wealthy funders. It is essential to attaining and sustaining government of, by and for the people.