Washington, DC: Actions to Abolish Corporate Rule and the Corruption of Money in Politics, 19-20 SEPT

The National Move to Amend Coalition (movetoamend.org) invites you to three events in Washington, DC to expose and promote an alternative to the expanding power and rights of corporations to rule and the explosion of big money in elections from the super rich and corporations. 

The 3 events focus on the 3 institutions which together have created or maintained the legal authority of corporations and millionaires/billionaires to create or overturn laws that protect We the People and our communities and ensure a livable world. 

The 3 institutions are Corporations, Courts (i.e. Supreme Court) and Congress

Join us to rally, speak out and organize to “End Corporate Personhood” and “Money is not Speech” by enacting HJR54, the We the People Amendment (movetoamend.org/amendment)

Tuesday, Sept 19, 10am - 11am ET

(gather at 9:30am ET across the street at the NW corner of Lafayette Park)

U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 1615 H St NW

Rally in front of the Chamber. Speakers, chants, call for enactment of HJR54 and delivery of letter declaring the Chamber’s and all corporation’s illegitimacy as legal “persons” to lobby, invest money in elections and overturn democratically passed laws.


Wednesday, Sept 20, 10 am - 11am ET (gather at 9:30am ET)

U.S Supreme Court, One First Street, NE

Rally in front of the Court. Speakers, chants, call for enactment of HJR54, and focus on how the Supreme Court has ruled for more than a century that the Bill of Rights and 14th Amendment (intended exclusively for human beings) should be hijacked to apply to corporate entities. 


Following both events, participants are invited to lobby with Move to Amend members of Congress to co-sponsor HJR54


If you represent an organization working on issues that are blocked by corporate power or big money in politics and would like to speak at one or both events, contact ???

September 19, 2023 at 10:00am - 11:30am

Will you come?

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