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How I've supported Move to Amend

  • answered 2020-06-21 12:11:56 -0700
    Q: How will you use your public office to end corporate constitutional rights and big money in politics?
    A: Set the example – I will personally not take contributions from any corporate entity.

    Move to limit the amount of money a company can put into a single campaign or candidate, including through super PACs.

    Actively speak out against Citizens United to inform the general public of how badly it slants politicians away from their constituents and into the loveless arms of corporate America.

    Vote locally against citizens united (already have done).

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    Signing the Pledge does not imply support from Move to Amend. Move to Amend does not support or endorse any candidates for office. This is an effort to inform the public about where their representatives stand. Efforts are made to give all representatives an equal opportunity to participate.

    This pledge is available for elected officials and candidates at all levels - federal, state and local.

    The We the People Amendment has been introduced in the House of Representatives as HJR 48. We will contact you if there is corresponding legislation relevant to your office, or to help you introduce legislation or resolutions if they have not been already introduced.

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Jason Ruffalo

Jason Ruffalo