Your help is needed to build a matching fund strong enough that we can hit the ground running in 2024!

In the tradition of matching gift drives, Move to Amend has created a fundraising opportunity true to our grassroots ideals. Our goal is to crowdfund $40,000 upfront from our strongest supporters -- our national community of advocates and affiliate leaders. In December, this $40,000 fund will be presented to the public as the funds to be matched, and the centerpiece to our spring fundraising appeal.

We appreciate all the ways you have supported Move to Amend in the past, and now we are asking you to help us build our spring match donation fund. Pitch in toward our match fund goal of $40,000, so your impact can be doubled!

We take no corporate contributions, no government grants, and we don't get support from political parties or political action committees. We are funded by real people who are passionate about defending our democracy from big money and big corporations -- we couldn't do this without you.

Will you contribute today to make your gift go twice as far?

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