May Day for Democracy Spring Drive

 Match Grant Creation for MTA Education Fund!

Real change starts from the ground up. That's why we're inviting our most dedicated supporters to join us in raising an initial matching grant fund through grassroots crowdfunding. This grassroots-driven approach ensures that our movement remains firmly rooted in the principles of community, democracy, and collective action.

Here's how it works:

Starting May 1st, this fund will take center stage as the starting point for public matching, becoming the focal point of our spring, May Day for Democracy, fundraising appeal. By leveraging the power of matching gifts, we'll be able to double the impact of every contribution, empowering our supporters to make an even greater difference in the fight for a more just and equitable democracy.

Your generous contributions will serve as the foundation for this grassroots effort, providing essential resources to fuel our advocacy and organizing work.

This embodies the spirit of collective action and community support that defines Move to Amend. By joining forces, you'll be playing a vital role in advancing the mission to end corporate personhood and reclaim democracy for the people.

The Move to Amend Education Fund finances our educational activities related to building democracy and ending corporate rule. This fund is fiscally sponsored by Democracy Unlimited, an IRS 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to this fund ARE tax-deductible. Learn More.

You may also donate via Paypal if you prefer. 

To support Move to Amend's lobbying and legislative activities directly, click here.

For frequently asked questions please visit our Donor Support Page.

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