September 12, 2014

Final Fracking Hearing Draws Huge WNC Crowd!-An estimated 550-600 people came to Cullowhee to participate in the fourth public hearing on proposed fracking rules. Eighty-five people delivered comments to the MEC. Every single one was critical of fracking! They defended our region but also proclaimed enthusiastically that people in the mountains stand with the rest of the state in opposition to fracking and the weak regulations in the draft proposal.

Garrett Lagan, a WNC-Sylva participant, has been hugely instrumental in organizing alliance partners in the Western NC Coalition Against Fracking in the last four-five months. At these events, MTA- Western North Carolina - Sylva has been represented and talking with folks re how corporations—now given access through ALEC written bills adopted by the NC General Assembly—are about to frack our state.

Making these connections at public meetings is helping people to grasp the importance of amending the constitution. They seeing how Constitutional rights for corporation are affecting their personal property and their lives—up close and personal. We take the message that MTA (MovetoAmend) intends to end Corporate Personhood—to abolish the Constitutional Rights of Corporations over fracking — and over all corporate over-reaches.

An intriguing aspect of the WNC area is that the Eastern Band of Cherokee (EBCI) has been present and extra-ordinarily vocal and well-spoken. Susan Leading Fox, the informal leader of the alliance, has written Letters to Editors constantly. She and others continue to point out up that they are a sovereign nation. So how will corporations win on EBCI land!  Numerous of these folks spoke fiercely at the hearing and the MEC members looked stunned.

For coverage of this event, enjoy video reports of both the hearing and the rowdy press conference crowd prior to the heating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7le_PhpIaE Mining and Energy Commission Hearing in Cullowhee on NC Fracking Rules  and   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fcn_kTOzTOA  Grassroots Press Conference Prior to the MEC Hearing in Cullowhee

Postscript: The NC General Assembly has passed a bill stating that no community or town may overrule their legislation. In WNC, most county and town boards have passed ordinances that, although lacking in power to overrule, they do DEFY the GA's intent to Frack. Ours was the fourth and final hearing and was held only because of the huge number of demands that our voices be heard.



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