What happened at the Move to Amend National Team Meeting?

October 25, 2016

Move to Amend's national team has met in face-to-face, intensive, 3-day meetings, twice annually since our inception as an online, grassroots, volunteer organization, almost seven years ago.  These meetings are crucial to evaluating our progress and available resources for our campaign to pass the We the People Amendment. They also determine our programs for the coming year and the allocation of resources.

The second of this year's Move to Amend national board and staff meetings took place October 14-16 in Sacramento, California, six months after the approval and public release of our strategic plan. Over the last year, every aspect of Move to Amend has been evaluated and necessary changes have been made or are taking place that are integral to achieving our objective by 2026.

Normally these meetings are fairly ordinary, but we've got some excellent news to report relating to our 2016 goals:

  • It very much looks like we're going to hit our goal of 25 co-sponsors on HJR 48 The We the People Amendment. As of today, we are one short with several hot opportunities to score more by the end of the year.
  • We helped get two state ballot initiatives on the ballot this year, in California and Washington StateMove to Amend Toledo also passed a ballot initiative supporting the resolution in city-side balloting earlier this year.
  • We surpassed our goal of 165 pledges from elected officials and candidates with the Pledge to Amend campaign: Over 270 Pledges!
  • We held our first and very successful National Leadership Summit in Washington, DC in May. For the first time in our history, the national leadership team came together with the leadership of Move to Amend affiliates to work and learn together. Our strategic plan was approved and our first congressional lobby day directly netted 6 new co-sponsors on HJR 48.

Considering our plan was adopted in May, that's outstanding work in 7 month's time! Help us keep this momentum alive; please make a contribution today.

Alas, the glass is only half full. It's going to be really hard to meet other goals by the end of the year:

  • We did not meet our petition goal of 500,000 signatures. We have about 420,000. There's still time to push this number up, though!
  • We did not meet our goal of 80 affiliates. We have 52 as of today, and all of them are doing great work.

Your contribution can lift these numbers by providing the money needed for more staff hours, barnstorming tours, and multi-media development. Please make a contribution today.

Here are some more highlights:

  • National board and staff structure to be formalized: As the formal process for state chapter development moves forward, a process to formalize the board members roles is underway as well, to provide more oversight and accountability between the board and staff, and to ensure smooth transitions of board and staff members as Move to Amend advances to achieve our strategic goals.
  • Affiliate on-ramp proposal moving forward: A process to evaluate and help new affiliates grow to strength, allows better allocation of resources, the development of shared analyses, and models of successful local organizing so each affiliate doesn't have to re-invent the wheel.
  • State chapter development: Continued discussion on state chapter development, including future national board representation from these state chapters.
  • Gender Justice: Education is a never-ending process. Movement education for the national team will pick up in January with sessions on gender justice, just as it did with understanding racism and solidarity organizing.

There’s more! 

We wish to hold a light to the great work of former board members Virginia Rasmussen, Egberto Willies, and Edgar Franks. Each of these fine organizers brought special skills and a unique view to the board. We thank them for their service to Move to Amend and will continue finding opportunities for engagement in this movement.

We also want to shine the same bright light on our affiliates and their leaders. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are today. Bravo Move to Amend Affiliates!

The national team came together, worked really hard for three days, and then went right back to work! That's a measure of the commitment the board and staff have to Move to Amend and our mission to pass the We the People Amendment. 

We know there hundreds of thousands of others like us. Are you able to commit to give Move to Amend $28 for the 28th amendment today