What Does Democracy Look Like?

April 26, 2016

Our plan to pass the We the People Amendment in the next ten years couldn’t be more promising in its ability to create conditions for authentic democracy to flourish in the US. And it certainly couldn’t be better timed, as we witness the outright theft of democracy in states like Michigan with its emergency manager laws.

By now, we’re all familiar with the draconian and anti-democratic budget cuts and sell-off of the commons made by some of these ‘appointed’ overseers. These managers have left entire communities with no recourse and no representation, despite their current status as US citizens and taxpayers.

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Flint’s children have literally been poisoned by their emergency manager’s tragic decision to switch culinary water sources and to not spend $100 per day to protect their lead pipe infrastructure from corroding. And, it is no coincidence this happened in a majority-black city. (Listen to the Move to Amend Reports podcast on Flint.)

What most folks don’t know is how the people of Michigan actually overturned this emergency manager law, through a ballot initiative in 2012. Rather than implementing the will of the people, the Michigan legislature re-wrote the law during a lame-duck session and attached a budget appropriation to it -- making it impossible for the people to vote again to overturn the new law.

This is not what democracy looks like.  This is not democracy at all.

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What has happened in Flint and Detroit under emergency management is a tragedy for the cities’ inhabitants and an affront to our national dignity.  It is all the proof we need that powerful corporations, their CEOs, and their bought politicians care only about profits and protecting their wealth, and actually loathe the democracy which allowed their success.

If we want to establish real democracy, we need to grow this movement quickly. It begins with the Motion to Amend. Click here to download and share a petition today.

Let’s show them what real democracy looks like!