West Allis voters say a corporation is not a person, money not speech

April 4, 2012
West Allis voters said they don’t think that a corporation is not a person and that money is not speech by an overwhelming majority of 70%.
West Allis citizens expressed their opinion on an advisory referendum April 3 primary election. The referendum will be forwarded to legislators requesting them to consider an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will deem that a corporation is not a person and money is not speech.
“We think that if enough citizens, in the millions overall, start asking for such an amendment, our legislators will have to act, because We the People still have our votes, and in big numbers our votes can speak louder than big money. So this is a grassroots movement that has gone viral — even Occupy and the Tea Partiers are on board with it,” said Mary Laan, co-chair of South Eastern Wisconsin Move to Amend.
The group plans to place a similar advisory referendum on the Milwaukee ballot in November 2012.

“All around, it’s good for democracy. Our legislators will be more able to take the opinions of We the People into account. It’s good for the economy because less corporate money will be spent on political advertising, so there will be less increase in product prices,”  said Ms. Laan.

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