We're in it to Win

December 4, 2017

As a small nonprofit, we raise about a third of our budget during our year-end fundraising. This December we are counting on your support to help us reach our year-end goal of raising $175,000. These funds will allow us to end the year in the black and be ready to tackle the many goals we’ve set for 2018.

Please donate know and help us end 2017 in the black.

We’re at a critical moment and we’re relying on your support to help us reach our 2018 goals: 

  • Growing our team: we plan to grow our team by hiring a legislative coordinator and a outreach coordinator.

  • Leadership Summit: We will host a leadership summit in Washington, D.C. to equip our local Affiliate chapters, volunteers, and community leaders with organizing skills and tools to mobilize their communities. The four day summit will also feature a “We the People lobby” day on Capitol Hill.

  • Growing the movement: We’re setting out to engage 600 more active volunteer leaders.

  • Building the Motion to Amend: Our goal is to secure a total of 600,000 signatures from individual supporters of the Motion to Amend by the end of 2018.

  • Host 8-12 barnstorming speaking tours: We'll be traveling the country educating the public about corporate rule and the democracy movement.

  • Develop Resist to Amend program to prepare our grassroots supporters for civil disobedience actions.

  • Forge new partnerships with social and environmental justice organizations to grow the larger democracy movement.

  • Much, much more!

Fighting corporate rule is an arduous task and we can’t move forward without your support. Every day, our team works hard to reach the goals laid out in our strategic plan.

Take Kaitlin, our National Director, for example. A typical work day for her is 10+ hours long. She works from sunrise to sundown orchestrating team tasks and steering the ship. Each and every one of her work days is jam-packed with meetings, reviews and reports, balancing urgent deadlines, and endless emails and phone calls.

It’s a strenuous uphill battle, but she never gives up! She’s wholly and totally committed to bringing corporate rule to an end and making sure that everyday people like you and me are valued fairly and equally (and she's a monthly donor toMove to Amend as well!)

No matter how hard Kaitlin and all of us here at Move to Amend work, we won’t be able to keep the lights on without your support. We don’t drive fancy cars. Wedon’t live in big, lavish houses. We make an earnest living, working everyday totake a stand against the corporate rule that is robbing us of our future.

We believe in the work we do, and your support shows us that you do too -- thank you!

Please continue to stand with us and donate to our year end campaign!

Whether you have volunteered, donated, or simply signed the Motion to Amend petition; you’ve taken a stand for a true democracy and a stand against corporate rule. You believe in fairness and equality and that everyday people like you and me have a right to a government that serves them and not Wall Street billionaires.

We’re asking you once again to please support us. We’ve accomplished a lot this year -- we got to 51 co-sponsors in Congress for the We the People Amendment and over two dozen political candidates to take the Pledge to Amend -- all because of supporters like you!

Your support is crucial to our success. 

Please continue to stand with us. We need you now more than ever.

In solidarity,

Lydia Onimo
Development Coordinator

P.S. In the month of December everyone who donates will be entered in our raffle to win prizes from our store! Please donate now.