We the People Rally! - Wednesday, April 30, 2:00PM, State Capitol

April 30, 2014

Rally to get big money out of politics
Where: Rm 118, Minnesota State Capitol
When: Wednesday, April 30th
Time: 2:00 p.m.

The end of the legislative session is rapidly approaching and we are close to passing two pieces of legislation to get big money out of politics.  We need your voices!

Join us at the Capitol on Wednesday, April 30th to support two bills: HF 276 (the We the People Act) calls for a constitutional amendment to establish that corporations don't have constitutional rights and that money is not speech and HF 1944 which calls for electioneering disclosure.

We are excited that a broad coalition of groups is co-sponsoring our rally day: Common Cause, Friends of the Earth, League of Women Voters Minnesota, MPIRG and the Land Stewardship Project.  This coalition will demonstrate to our representatives that there are many voices among community, environmental and advocacy groups calling for an end to the court-created doctrines of corporate constitutional rights and money is speech.