Watch the new short video on the We the People Amendment, narrated by Peter Coyote

What’s new, short, informative and calls for immediate action?

It’s our new 4½ minute video on the need to enact the We the People Amendment!

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Thanks for its production goes to the tireless and persistent efforts of several Move to Amend leaders in California who worked with legendary actor, director, screenwriter, author and narrator Peter Coyote – narrator of numerous PBS documentaries. 

Though brief (and, therefore, more likely to be viewed), the video summarizes how multiple Supreme Court decisions declaring that a corporation is a person with never-intended constitutional “rights” prevents our right to protect the health, safety and welfare of ourselves, our communities and what’s left of the natural world. 

What you can do:

√ Watch the video – more than once, if need be, to understand how ending corporate constitutional rights, which our We the People Amendment calls for, is much more than simply getting corporate money out of politics. 

√ Share the link with everyone you know via email and social media – encouraging them to share it with everyone they know. In addition to the video link, other links to share (besides and which appear in the video) when communicating with your network are and

√ Donate. Help us build our end-of-year match fund goal of $60,000. Pitch in so your impact can be doubled! Help us remain economically and politically (which go hand-in-hand) independent of the influence from major foundations, corporations, political parties, super rich donors and government entities. 

Thank you! 


Jennie, Shelly, George, Leila, Daniel, Saleem, Jessica Joni, Keyan, Alfonso, Jason, Tara, Michael, Margaret, Pattie, Dolores & Greg

- Move to Amend National Team