March 15, 2013
Sue Handrich-Herr

If you live in the cities of Fort Atkinson or Whitewater you have an opportunity you may never have had before. On April 2nd you will get to cast your vote to decide how much influence money should have in our political process. The referendum on the ballot states:

1. Only human beings ─ not corporations, limited liability companies, labor unions, non-profit organizations, or similar associations and corporate entities ─ are endowed with Constitutional rights, and
2. Money is not speech, and therefore regulating political contributions and spending is not equivalent to limiting political speech.

The resolution specifically targets the aftermath of the 2010 Citizen’s United decision that opened the flood gates of unlimited third party spending on political campaigning. If you’ve forgotten since the November election all of the “issue ads” that aired almost non-stop, paid for by third-party, special interest groups, you need only turn on the TV for a reminder.

The race for WI Supreme Court, also being voted on statewide April 2nd, has special interest issue ads being run, even though it’s a non-partisan race. Follow this link to view the candidates, their contributors, and the groups running issue ads.

Kind of makes you wonder if the special interest groups participating in this race are concerned about justice for the citizens of Wisconsin or their own personal gain.
Everyone, if you have had enough of special interests trying to buy elections please make the time to vote on April 2nd to get the money out of politics.

To support the resolution, the correct answer is YES.

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