Sample Letter Meeting Request with Representatives (2017)

A sample letter to request a meeting with your congress person. Sacramento Move to Amend created this and sent it to our representatives to meet with them during their August 2017 Recess. Please feel free to use! Just make sure you change the language around to reflect your own Representatives and local area. 

June 25, 2017

Dear Ms. McCarthy,

I write on behalf of Move to Amend to request a meeting with Congresswoman Doris Matsui during the August, 2017 recess to urge her co-sponsorship of Move to Amend’s ‘We the People Amendment’ introduced into the House of Representatives  as House Joint Resolution 48.

Move to Amend’s  mission is to build a peoples’ democracy movement powerful enough to amend the Constitution to make it clear that corporations are not people and money is not speech. Although there are several organizations seeking to overturn the Supreme Court’s first amendment decision in Citizens United, Move to Amend’s ‘We the People Amendment’ is unique in calling for the abolition of all judicially created corporate constitutional rights including those under the first, fourth, fifth and fourteenth amendments as well as the commerce clause and the contracts clause.

Move to Amend has made great progress since our beginnings after the Citizens United decision came down and especially in this past year. Last January 2016 HJR 48 was re-introduced with 21 sponsors. As of today, we have increased the number of House Representatives sponsoring HJR 48 from 21 to 44. The number of state resolutions supporting the abolition of all so-called corporate constitutional rights has grown from 17 to 19. Either by resolution or by ballot measure, over 750 jurisdictions at the local and community level have expressed support for the abolition of all corporate constitutional rights. Of these 750 local resolutions, over 300 were passed by ballot initiative, typically by landslide victories.

These local resolutions  passed in rural, suburban and urban communities, liberal and conservative alike. Additionally, local and state Democratic Party Organizations have passed such resolutions, most recently the California Democratic Party which is calling on all its members to support the Move to Amend campaign to abolish corporate constitutional rights and money  as political speech. Even Republican Party organizations such as the Pottowattamie County Republican Party of of Iowa have endorsed our campaign, even going so far as to change their party platform. We  offer the only proposed amendment in Congress with a Republican sponsor, Rep Walter Jones [R-NC-3]. This shows that support for the ‘We the People Amendment’ cuts across party lines and the so-called urban-rural divide. Similarly, polling shows that support for a constitutional amendment stating that corporations do not have the same constitutional rights as people averages 80%--across political parties.

We would really appreciate it if  Congresswoman Matsui would agree to meet directly with our delegation of 4 or more people during the August Recess. Since many of us will be  in Minneapolis attending a multi-organizational Democracy Convention on Democratizing the Constitution from August 2-6, it would be best to schedule such a meeting after August 9th.
You may contact me either by email or at 916-318-8040 to schedule this appointment.  Thank you for your assistance and for your attention to this request.




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