Sample Labor Resolution Followup Letter




Dear <Representative ______/Senator ______/Governor_______/President _____>,

This letter is to inform you that <______ name of union), (Local/Lodge/Council etc. #_____> has endorsed the enclosed/attached resolution, adopted <_____ date> that confirms our support of a U.S. Constitutional amendment to abolish constitutional rights for corporations and end the policy that money is the same as speech. 

Specifically, we endorse House Joint Resolution 48 introduced April 29, 2015 also known as the "We the People Amendment."

We believe that passage of such an amendment is necessary because the Supreme Court has illegitimately created the doctrines of corporate constitutional rights and money as political speech, and that it is critical to pass this amendment in order to secure our sacred right to self-government, to reverse the decades-long erosion of real wages for working people, and to provide the level playing field required to achieve the kind of life all Americans deserve.

Please stand with us and <co-sponsor/introduce> take the Pledge to Amend ( to use your elected office to support We the People Amendment legislation and resolutions.

You can find more information about this campaign at

In solidarity,

<President or other office holder/staff>