Outreach Campaign Plan (Example)


Goal: To raise funds and awareness of the campaign through the design and distribution of materials.

  • Yard signs distributed by end of August (quantity dependent on price)
    • Printed by June 13th for pub quiz
    • Posted in prominent and diverse places over town
      • At least 3 major traffic areas in each city council district
  • Flyers (pub quiz, events, and other campaign needs)
    • Saturate community bulletin boards and flyering locations (list of 30-40 places) 2-3 weeks before events
  • Buttons
    • 250 1” buttons
    • Use left overs of last year for pub quiz
    • New when we get rid of old
  • Stickers
    • 250
    • By pub quiz

Resources needed:

  • Designs (see resources already available from National – Submit new finished designs to National)
  • Graphic designers
  • Printer people (free printing available from Westminister)
  • Poster posters
  • Materials logistics and distribution czar

Canvassing and Tabling

Engage community members in neighborhoods and public spaces to:

  • Educate people on our campaign and solicit their participation as campaign volunteers or through the listening project
  • Distribute yard signs in 2 high-traffic locations in each City Council district
    • Map out neighborhoods and identify 2 key locations , and identify upcoming tabling events
    • Canvass with each council person at least once
    • Recruit district captains and canvassing volunteers
    • Train them on pitches, talking points, greetings, hooks, and asks
    • Set weekly petition goals
      • 7 total canvassing events (every other week)
        • 1 district/ canvassing event
        • 2 locations within each district (14 total)
        • 2nd and 3rd Saturday of the month
    • Check in with captains with needs
    • Debrief volunteers

Resources needed:

  • Google doc with locations and to track where we went (and where we need to go)
  • Canvassing captians (who resides)in each district
    • Propose the locations
    • Train their volunteers
  • Yard signs and materials
  • Listening project materials
  • District Map
  • Coordinate with legislative liaison to get city council members out to our canvass
  • QUESTION FOR GROUP: if council members ask, would we promote them for reelection
  • Bandwagon?

This campaign plan provided by Move to Amend Salt Lake City. Contact them directly with questions.