Local Organizing to Build a National Movement

Amending the U.S. Constitution is a long-term campaign that will require the participation of groups across the country to be successful. Thank you for your interest in working locally towards this important goal, and welcome to the Move to Amend movement! 

This toolkit provides guidance on how to organize in your local community, region or state, and how to implement successful campaigns that will move all of us closer to our long-term goal of real democracy in the United States. We invite you to use the suggestions and documents provided in this toolkit and to adapt them to your local needs.

To successfully amend the Constitution will require the support of millions of people. Large corporations will resist our efforts, but the good news is that most Americans are with us! When Americans have been asked if they believe corporations should have the same rights as people, nearly 80% stated they believe the Constitution should be amended to state that corporations do not have constitutional rights. 

It is our collective job to reach out to everyday Americans and engage them with Move to Amend. This toolkit has a number of helpful and creative tools to help you do just that.

The first step is to come together locally, to get organized and to educate yourselves about the issues. Next, work to educate the population in your local area, the media, and your elected officials, and recruit people to join the movement. Build alliances with other organizations and make connections to how their work is influenced by corporate rule. Engage in solidarity actions with these groups to build trust and strengthen alliances -- help build the conditions to make a deep, multi-racial, inter-generational, and powerful social movement a reality.

Finally, mobilize the movement and put pressure on your state and federal legislators to support a constitutional amendment and demand true democracy and an end to corporate rule.