Collect MTA Petitions

Gathering signatures for the Move To Amend petition is the best way to educate the public and recruit new members onto your own organizing list. Community festivals, political rallies, farmers' markets, grocery stores, film screenings, picnics of local organizations, and other local events can provide good opportunities for outreach. Sign people on to the Move to Amend petition by downloading and printing our petition.

Click here for a PDF of our petition to print and collect signatures in your community.


Tabling is a fun and easy way to reach out to your community and talk with people about this issue. All you need is a table, some materials and a place to set up. Local events like farmers markets and festivals often have space allocated for tabling, so check and see what events are coming up in your area. Colleges, universities or your local grocery store are also great places to table. Of course be sure to check with the business owners and university administrators before you proceed.

Once you have a place to set up, arm yourself with petitions, brochures, bookmarks, posters and anything else you think would be good to have on your table. Most importantly, don’t forget your smile. Tabling is easy, but it is also an art form that improves with practice. Draw people in with an enticing display and a friendly question like, “Did you know that corporations have more rights than you or me?” Make sure to get contact information when they sign the petition so you can develop a list of allies. Tabling is also a great way to inform people about other events you might have coming up, such as a movie screening or study group.

To find out whether you may table at an event, reach out to the organizers. Often a fee will be charged to reserve a space, and you may be required to provide your own table and chairs. Set up large, clearly worded signs at your table. Bring copies of the Move to Amend petition for people to sign, as well as flyers about your local organization that people can take with them. You can also distribute Move to Amend brochures and other materials.

You can order materials for your tabling and petitioning outreach here.

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