California Lobbying Packet 2015

The below documents and information were compiled by Mendocino County Move to Amend for lobbying in 2015.

Some of the information may need to be updated, but the compilation and structure of information may be helpful in creating your own lobbying packet.


The 8 pocket notebook "Document Packets" for our Sacramento trip are now done!  We have six, three for each legislator (one for them and 2 for their staff).  I'll make a few more copies of the documents so you can all have them after we give them away, plus the script for our intro.

I'm putting in links for documents from the website and attaching the one's that I/we wrote ourselves.

First up, the intros.

They are the same except for the paragraph detailing each legislators accomplishments.  These are the last two attachments.  A previous email from Robin noted there was a problem opening them, which she fixed.  If you can't open these documents, find Robin's email with attachments which has the fix - dated August 4 (DOWNLOAD .docx)

There wasn't room for a table of contents, so each pocket has a label explaining the document in it. 

1. Support for Move to Amend and the We the People Amendment from California’s Second Districts

Governing Body Resolutions of Support, Ballot Measures in Favor,  Organizational Endorsements, Move to Amend local organizations (Affiliates) and Individual Supporters
​  (DOWNLOAD .docx)​

2. Proposed 28th Amendment – The We the People Amendment​ ​

Introduced in the House of Representatives 2013, Reintroduced April 2015

Co-sponsored by Representative Jared Huffman and 9 others
​  (this link)

3. Notes on the Timeline of Personhood Rights and Powers 

(the notes begin on page 9 of this document and the "desk" version of the Timeline is after that.)
An expl​a​nation of the making of the timeline and how to read it


Key Rulings in the History of Corporate Personhood
​Selected Rulings from the Timeline of Personhood Rights and Powers highlighting rulings pertaining to specific rights in the Bill of Rights
​  (DOWNLOAD .docx)​

​Tw​o documents in one pocket.

4. The Timeline of Personhood Rights and Powers

Through 2011 - Folds out to 7 feet wide

Desk version – Through 1996
​  (See link at #3 above)​

Cases noted in Key Rulings in the History of Corporate Personhood are starred.

​5.​ Why Abolish All Corporate Constitutional Rights?

An article from the Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy (POCLAD) succinctly outlining the depth and breadth of the problem of corporate “rights”

“Since the problem of corporate constitutional rights is multidimensional, the solution must be comprehensive.”

6. Some Questions and Answers for America’s Businesspeople About the People’s Rights Amendment

All points in the article apply to the We the People Amendment as well.  Move to Amend and Free Speech for People agree on the need to eliminate corporate “rights” and abolish the principle that political spending equals free speech but disagree on strategy.

7. Important Points About Corporate Personhood​

(DOWNLOAD .docx)​

8. Other Amendments

A comparison of the We the People proposed amendment and other amendment proposals regarding corporate “personhood” and political spending currently before Congress.