Affiliate Business Cards

These cards were created by our San Luis Obispo (CA) Affiliate.

From the group:

These cards are useful when networking (outreach) among strangers or acquaintances in an informal setting where preparation is not possible. The attachments are Œpress-ready .pdfs, although you will want to customize the front page to reflect the local affiliation. We purchased 1000 cards and have used half of those in 8 months.

  • Front is an adaptation of the MTA-Nat logo incorporating our affiliate status (SLO), with national website.
  • Back is bullet text outlining our purpose and agenda. Below that is contact information: phone and email of member who inducts new recruits.

This card is most useful when discussing MTA background and goals in an informal environment with strangers or acquaintances. We were finding that the ramp-up to awareness is so lengthy that much of it is often forgotten, along with instructions on further study and contact with the affiliate. This Œtakeaway increases significantly the chance of future contact from people who responded to the Œdiscussion and would like to participate further.

The rest is networking expertise:

  • Always have several of the cards on hand.
  • Look for opportunities to broach the topic and facilitate the ensuing discussion. Places like post office lines, coffeeshops, chamber of commerce meetings, checkout lines, waiting rooms or any other place where conversation occurs amongst strangers.
  • Think up openings to introduce subject from the idle chatter that occurs all the time around us.
  • When opportunity has ended, hand out the card, people will almost always take it. Don¹t ask if they¹d like one.

Bill Ostrander, Dianne Jackson, Carol Rowsemitt, Lanyce Mills and Jerry Waidner of MTA of San Luis Obispo County put this together.