TAKE ACTION: The profiteering of children in cages and separated migrant families must end

July 11, 2019

For-profit prison corporations are shaping U.S. immigrant detention and deportation. This humanitarian crisis needs immediate action.

The policies fueling this crisis are written for the benefit of private industry and require a systemic strategy to fully address. The way to tackle the root cause of our current inhumane immigrant detention and deportation policies, is abolishing corporate personhood, by passing the We the People Amendment

The political courtship of private industry and government, must end. Abolish ICE. Abolish Corporate Constitutional Rights. No Human Being is Illegal.

Move to Amend encourages you to stand in solidarity with migrant families, and take action to close the concentration camps and end the financial incentivization of detaining and incarcerating immigrants and asylum seekers.

Move to Amend, along with countless other organizations, are promoting actions to shed light on the concentration camps and end the separation, detainment, and deportation of migrant families.

Today, Friday, July 12th, 2019, Lights for Liberty: A Vigil to End Human Concentration Camps, will bring thousands of people to locations worldwide as well as to concentration camps across country, into the streets and into their own front yards, to protest the inhumane conditions faced by migrants.

To participate find a vigil near you: https://www.lightsforliberty.org/

These resources are designed for Move to Amend organizers to distribute to allies at meetings, to the general public, and at upcoming immigrant anti-detention events:

"ICE’s extreme privatization...speaks to a disconnect between capitalism and morality, and how family separation reveals those fissures. The ICE fight is about human rights but also labor rights—the rights of workers to exert democratic control over company contracts and reject immoral work. It’s about small towns with dried-up economies that have no choice but to become America’s migrant jailers. It’s about the influence of lobbyists, and also financiers. It’s about how the public gets a say in how public money should be spent. It’s about the over-criminalization that gets the undocumented on ICE’s radar. It’s even about our energy policy, with climate refugees soon to follow the current wave of asylum seekers fleeing violence." - David Dayen, Writer for In These Times https://bit.ly/31Wp8Nm