Tabling on Courthouse Plaza

September 17, 2016

Join us on the Courthouse Plaza

September 17 and September 24 (both are Saturdays)

Tabling is a fun event where we set up a card table and placards to attract attention, then engage with the public about our amendment and ask persons to sign.  It is an energizing experience.  We always learn something about what is on people's minds, and we see a huge momentum building for the amendment.  Every time we go, we get more signatures than any time before...and we've been doing it four years now.  Really, it has become very easy to sign people up.  In the Prescott area alone, we now have nearly 1000 signees.  Over 400,000 nationally.

We always have an experienced member to answer questions/coach.  Shifts are available from 11 to 1 and from 1 to 3, both dates.  You can, of course, show up late and leave early...Or come and go as you will. 

Or just come by and say hello anytime from 11 to 3.  We'll be there!

LOCATION:  We will be at a card table on the grassy strip between sidewalk and street, on Montezuma Street near where Montezuma intersects with Gurley (the northwest corner of the plaza).  Look for us about 50 feet south of that intersection.  PLEASE NOTE:  We are NOT a part of the event...Hence, we set up on the grassy strip across the sidewalk from all the vendors

If you are interested in participating, please contact Michael Adcock at 928-237-9143.