The Past and Present Legacy of John Marshall in Promoting Slavery, Injustice and Corporate Rule

John Marshall was the most influential judge in American history. But the fourth chief justice of the Supreme Court subverted the rule of law. He gave the Court dictatorial power to overrule legislation and executive action, i.e. judicial review, in Marbury v Madison (1803). He spent the rest of his career establishing the double standard that defines constitutional construction to this day: natural rights regarding contract- and property law as they pertain to the 1 percent, but no rights which judges are bound to respect with regard to litigants whose property is in their labor.

Join us to discuss how Marshall set the paradigm whereby the courts unjustly enrich the 1 percent at the expense of the working masses. The Virginian slave lord disenfranchised Black people, indeed the man owned 200 slaves. His slaveholding conflict of interest is clear. But he also construed the Constitution against the propertyless masses regardless of color. In short, he's the Darth Vader of American jurisprudence.

Taru Taylor is a recent law-school graduate who's spearheading a local campaign to change the name of Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. He hopes that this talk helps that initiative.

Speaker: Taru Taylor

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