Special Forum

October 25, 2017

This month's forum will feature noted speaker Loring Cannon, giving his informative 10-minute speech about Dark Money and how we can fix this by a constitutional amendment.

BONUS! ...Mary Beth Hrin (former candidate) has expressed interest in attending, so you might see her there.  Many of you may know that Mary Beth was the victim of a very nasty and personal Dark Money "hit piece" during the local primary season...Untraceable, unaccountable money, influencing Prescott politics.

This will give us an opportunity to bring conservative Prescott area residents into the fold.  This is not a liberal issue or a conservative issue: It is an American issue.  Basic civic rights for all American people.

Please join us for this informative discussion and find how you can help us get Dark Money out of Politics.

Happy Hour appetizers and drinks are available for purchase.