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Resolutions Passed by Localities and States in Support

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Individuals, organizations and communities support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution containing the two main components of the We the People Amendment: abolishing political money in elections defined as First Amendment-protected free speech and declaring corporations “are not persons” (or equivalent) and/or ending corporate constitutional rights.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals have signed our Motion to Amend petition, hundreds of local, state and national organizations have endorsed our cause, and 718 communities and states have passed public resolutions, as of December, 2022. These resolutions were passed by elected political bodies (i.e. state legislatures, or county/city/town/village councils), residents who voted at Town Hall meetings, or by voters following organized campaigns by Move to Amend supporters across the country to secure sufficient legal signatures on an initiative petition.

Tens of millions of individuals live in the states and localities that have supported amending the Constitution to abolish “money as speech” and corporate constitutional rights.

Passing resolutions in public jurisdictions is a key strategy of Move to Amend in raising public awareness, recruiting and training volunteers, applying political pressure for the We the People Amendment and building organizational power in coalition with others.

These passed resolutions indicate this is not a fringe movement. Nor is it a movement with the singular goal to “end Citizens United” or only focus on getting big money our of elections from the super wealthy. Move to Amend is dedicated to educating and organize to terminate corporations rule. While only one step, it’s a critical one toward the realization of authentic democracy — for the very first time.

We believe that any constitutional amendment must mandate, not be optional or discretionary, that government shall have the authority to determine political campaign contributions and expenditures and that Constitutional rights are the rights exclusively of natural persons.

Constitutional rights were intended solely for human beings. Corporate entities are creations of the state and were intended to be tools to serve the public good.


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