Public or Corporate Education?

August 29, 2013

These days, Americans are suffering through an onslaught of corporate advertising for clothing, supplies, and gadgetry for students heading back to school. Besides these expenses, parents are budgeting for increasing school fees no longer covered by their tax dollars. For those with college age students, many budgets are being stretched too thin to help cover rising tuition rates, textbooks, and housing.

This month, Move to Amend Reports has been focusing on “Back to School,” and the American education system on our weekly internet radio program, Move to Amend Reports.

The corporate takeover of our public schools is happening: In leadership, curriculum and testing, and the assault on teachers and their unions.

We could resolve the issues in public education if we were more concerned about the quality of an education rather than ensuring profitability for corporate America. Money is not speech, and corporations are not people. But every child is a very important person, who deserves the best education we can deliver.

Ask the teachers and educators you know to sign the Motion to Amend petition and share it with their colleagues.

Tune into Move to Amend Reports tonight for more of our continuing series on “Back to School.”