Prescott AZ Affiliate Censored by Parade Official

July 5, 2017
Michael Adcock

Below is the letter to the Editor of The Daily Courier, Prescott, Arizona, published July 4, 2017.

Be sure to click on the video link at the end to see the real deal. 

Dear Editor:

We of Prescott Area Move To Amend were thrilled to be approved for entry in the 2017 Prescott Frontier Days parade. So we were very disappointed when banned from the parade just a few minutes before the parade began.

In late May we had applied to enter, including photos of all our signage. In June we became Entry No. 43! The day of the parade, we checked in with parade staff at the staging area, unfurled our approved banners, and waited.

Then, just before the parade started, we were approached by a man who identified himself as “Chairman of Security for Prescott Frontier Days.” He informed us that our signage was not appropriate for the parade. We found this odd, as he was referring to the approved signage. When we pointed this out, he told us that “protest groups” were not permitted in the parade and if we refused to drop out, the police would come.

We accept that Prescott Frontier Days sets the policies for their parade, but cannot fathom why at the last minute they reversed themselves. Our entry aimed to raise public awareness of “Dark Money” in the political system, largely stemming from the Citizens United decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2010. Move To Amend seeks to amend the U.S. Constitution to overrule the Court. We do not endorse any party. Our message is for all Americans, regardless of political leaning or party affiliation.

Prescott Frontier Days has done so much for our community. Regretfully, though, we consider their action may have gone against the true reason why “We The People” celebrate our Independence Day.

Michael Adcock

Prescott Area Move To Amend

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