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Why Give?  In short:  If you care about our right to self-governance, you will want to give. 


What does this mean?  If you care about ____ (fill in the blank), you can be pretty sure it is related to corporate constitutional rights, when you pull aside the curtains.  NOTE:  The words “corporate” and “corporation” here refer to any legal entity, including labor unions, non-profit corporations, and for-profit corporations.  We are not anti-corporation.  Instead, we object to artificial legal entities having civil rights intended for natural persons (you and me).

In recent years, you surely have seen the effects of money talking in issues where it really does not belong, such as campaigns (thanks to corporations’ 1st Amendment rights) and various public matters, such as healthcare, climate, education, etc. (thanks to their 5th and 14th Amendment rights).  Yes, they really do have these rights, and these rights are firmly entrenched by Supreme Court rulings.  

You see...The unelected Supreme Court has created these rights for corporations--out of thin air, as the word “corporation” appears nowhere in the Constitution--through a long series of decisions stretching back to 1886.  Decisions made by liberal courts, conservative courts, under Republican-controlled government, split government, and Democratic-controlled government.  This is most decidedly NOT a partisan issue.

Thus the need for an amendment.  Move To Amend has the We The People Amendment (available on this website), which will fundamentally change the basis for our government.  

Specifically, it abolishes these unconstitutional “rights” that have become firmly entrenched in our legal system.  In addition, it addresses campaign finance to remove the blatantly antidemocratic system we currently have--which favors those individuals and corporations who have vast resources and can spend countless dollars to make their views and preferences known and to influence both the election of candidates and the outcomes of ballot measures they are either for or against.  

So, again...If you care about democracy, and our right to govern, you will want to give.

This fundraising page directs your donation to the National Move to Amend Coalition. 

If you would like to make a donation to help support the work of our local Prescott Area Affiliate, please contact Michael Adcock at [email protected] or at (229) 921-3049.

Many thanks, and best wishes for you and yours! 

Prescott Area Move To Amend


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[AZ - Prescott] Affiliate

[AZ - Prescott] Affiliate

We are an affiliate of Move To Amend located in Prescott Arizona. Follow us @PrescottAreaMTA on Facebook and Twitter.
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