Pledge to Amend!

October 28, 2016

Election Day is almost here (thankfully!) but it's the work that goes on between election days that really matters, when it comes to shaping the public debate and policymaking.

Move to Amend local affiliate groups and members have been working to build a list of elected officials and candidates who support the We the People Amendment. It involves reaching out, educating public officials and candidates, then securing their support through the Pledge to Amend campaign. 

Before you vote, click here to see who has taken the
Pledge to Amend on your ballot...

Pledge to Amend is an ongoing campaign that works to secure support from candidates and incumbents during election years, and works with elected officials in off years to build support and gain sponsorship for the We the People Amendment in Congress and through state legislatures. It provides the link between grassroots organizing and electoral action, and lets you know who is down with the movement to amend. Please take a moment to make sure you fill out your ballot accordingly, and tell your friends too.  

The candidates here are those who responded to our questionnaire... are you finding that there are races on your ballot missing from our list? It isn't too late to encourage the candidates to respond -- find all the info you need to reach out here.
Think this is important work? Please chip in $5 to help us keep it going!