People overwhelmingly supported issue

November 20, 2013
Delores Whitman

Defiance voters by a 67 percent margin passed a local ordinance instructing the city to inform federal and state elected officials that Defiance voters want a U.S. constitutional amendment ending Bill of Rights protections for corporations and overturning the legal doctrine that money is equal to speech.The issue was placed on the ballot because of volunteers in the group Occupy Defiance who went door-to-door in the summer of 2012 and obtained 866 signatures. This fall, the group went to the households where the petitions had been signed with a reminder. The reminder said "Vote for Democracy: Corporations are not people; money is not speech."

More votes were cast in favor of this issue (1,807 for and 902 against) than for any of the candidates seeking public office. Defiance joins 500 communities and 16 state legislatures across the country calling for a constitutional amendment.

I believe the tide is turning. People are finally beginning to realize that the problems facing us at the local level are the result of corporate influence at the state and federal level. Laws are made to benefit corporate mega-conglomerates, not the people or the small businesses. This is because lawmakers do the bidding of their corporate sponsors, not the people.

Occupy Defiance wishes to thank the citizens who understand what is happening to our government and made the effort to express themselves at the ballot box. There will be a public forum at which citizens can express their views on corporate influence in our government. Details are being worked out.

Dolores Whitman
rural Bryan

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