Ojai City Council passes Corporate Personhood resolution

March 13, 2012

On March 13 2012 the Ojai City Council passed an eloquently-worded resolution supporting an amendment to the US Constitution to abolish corporate personhood! As of March 13th there were approximately 50 US cities that had passed similar resolutions; hopefully there will be many more in the near future.

We must have a friend on staff at the Council, because the resolution they wrote in response to citizen requests used language from other local resolutions as a starting point, but then included further points that demonstrated a clear understanding of the issue. Also when Council Member Carol Smith introduced the resolution she pointedly summarized the essential reason for such an amendment - to take away from the Supreme Court its Constitutional basis for continually ruling for the wealthy and powerful, when the Court settles disputes arising from the conflicting demands of property rights and human rights, a problem many of us feel is the core conflict undermining our democracy.

Bruce Garber, Lucas Thayer, Doug Johannes (from Ventura) and Bill Haff spoke at the City Council meeting; Tom Erickson also attended. Bill Haff showed the Council the stack of petitions we've gathered, which have been signed by almost 800 people. Doug is working with activists in Ventura and hopes to use our success to build support for action there; some people on the general-interest list this email is addressed to live in Santa Barbara, and hopefully this will inspire more activity there as well.




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