Northwest Ohio Armistice Day Commemoration for Peace

November 11, 2012
Douglas Jambard-Sweet

WE NEED TO GET BEHIND DAVID COBB (Move to Amend) & MIKE FERNER (Veterans for Peace) to make as many bells ring as possible on 11/11!

Ring bells on Armistice Day!

On November 11, 1918 the guns of the "War to end wars" finally fell silent after more than 29,000,000 soldiers had been killed or wounded. Bells rang out across the world to celebrate the silence, and in 1938, Congress declared Armistice Day, November 11, a national holiday, "to be dedicated to the cause of world peace."

Congress changed the holiday to "Veterans Day" in 1954, to include World War II. In 2008, the Veterans For Peace (VFP) convention voted to return to the original name of the holiday, "Armistice Day."

VFP Chapter 27 in Minneapolis for many years has asked churches to ring their bells 11 times at 11am, on November 11, as it was done at the end of World War I.

This year Veterans for Peace is partnering with Move to Amend to expand Armistice Day observances. MTA works to end corporate personhood and "money is speech" in elections through constitutional amendment. These goals are key if we are to "abolish war as an instrument of national policy."

We say YA BASTA! Enough already!

To organize a vigil or bell ringing ceremony to reclaim Armistice Day as a day "dedicated to the cause of world peace," contact Doug Jambard-Sweet (419)-351-2958, Dougiefresh43537 [at] .

Use the attached flyer to announce the event at your locality and let us know that you are participating.

Ever Onward!
David Cobb (Move to Amend) & Mike Ferner (Veterans For Peace)