Newburgh Heights voters have a chance to let Congress know how they feel about big-money election influence

October 24, 2012
Trevor Elkins

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the infamous Citizens United case that special interests were equivalent to natural human beings and deserved equal protections under the Constitution, effectively opening the floodgates of obscene spending in our elections. This poorly-conceived decision erased years of legal precedent, cementing the undemocratic doctrine of speech being equivalent to money.

In short order, our voices will be completely drowned out by big-money interests as they buy politicians to do their bidding with ever greater amounts of campaign spending. Our votes will become meaningless as their rights trump ours in the ballot box and the courtroom unless we take a stand now.

Issue 69 represents the very first time in the state of Ohio when an elected body has provided its citizenry with the opportunity to repudiate the Citizens United decision, evaluate the impact of money on local elections and deliver a message to Congress that we, the actual citizens, are tired of playing second fiddle to big money. Voting "yes" on Issue 69 will cost you, the taxpayer, nothing, but it will send a clear message to Washington, D.C., that we have had enough of campaign contributions being more important than sound public policy!

On Nov. 6, please join us by voting "yes" on Newburgh Heights Issue 69.

Trevor Elkins Newburgh Heights

Elkins is mayor of Newburgh Heights.


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