Move to Amend Reports on Intersections between Immigrant Rights and Democracy Movements

October 13, 2016

Move to Amend Reports connects you with activists and organizers working on the frontlines of the democracy movement, to bring you the lowdown on corporate rule, corporate personhood, and money as speech.

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United We Dream is much more than a lovely thought. It’s a cutting edge organization run by youth for undocumented youth. Ambar Pinto is one such youth coming from Bolivia to the US with her mother at age 12, and now works for United We Dream fighting deportations at the intersections of commonality within the undocumented and other oppressed communities. United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the United States organizing and advocating for the dignity and fair treatment of immigrant youth and families, regardless of their immigration status.  Join us for this eye-opening discussion!

Ambar Pinto, 22, was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to a Mexican mother and a Bolivian father. She moved to the U.S. at the age of 12 and has since lived in Northern Virginia. Being aware of her undocumented status and knowing things would be difficult, Ambar enrolled in the Edu-Futuro leadership program where she was able to talk about her status for the first time and then served this organization’s board for six years. In 2012, Ambar became a co-founder of Dreamers of Virginia (DoV) and has been working to achieve higher education for all undocumented youth in that state. DoV advocated for a partial victory in April of 2015 when the Attorney General Mark Herring declared that undocumented youth with DACA would be able to get in-state tuition rates. Ambar is passionate about defending people’s rights especially those who are victims of an unjust and racist immigration system. She joined UWD’s Deportation Defense Program in 2015, and led Dreamers of Virginia to have their first action to end the 287(g) program in Prince William County. Ambar is currently completing her associates in business administration at Northern Virginia Community College. She plans to transfer to George Mason University to obtain a Bachelors in Business and then one day own a business or a law firm.

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