Move to Amend Reports on CA Proposition 59, The Overturn Citizens United Act!

October 6, 2016

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The 2016 ballot is shaping up for a pivotal election year, and Move to Amend will be a part of the action in two states this November. With 4weeks before voters head to the polls, Move to Amend partners and affiliates in California are mobilizing to get out the vote for the largest population of any US state for Proposition 59, the Overturn Citizens United Act. Tune in this week to hear to learn how you can get involved in this exciting campaign from Move to Amend affiliate organizer Anne Wilson of Santa Clara County and Yes On Prop. 59 Committee Chair Michele Sutter of the Money Out Voters In Coalition!

Michele Sutter, co-founder of Money Out Voters In and Chair of the Overturn Citizens United, Yes on Prop 59 Committee. Michele is a writer, teacher, producer, and activist.  She is a former Story Editor at HBO and a former co-chair of The 29th Street Project, a New York City based theater artists' cooperative.   She also produced the 2009 Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award winning musical adaptation of Aristophanes' The Wasps. Michele led the successful 2014 push for the MOVI sponsored SB 1272, The Overturn Citizens United Act through the California legislature, which became Proposition 49 before the CA Supreme Court removed it from the ballot.

Anne Wilson is the Clara County Move to Amend coordinator. Anne is an activist grandmother concernedwith the welfare of her family, community, and environment.  An active member of the Move to Amend (MTA) Santa Clara County affiliate for five years, she is currently spearheading the MTA California Affiliate Campaign for Prop 59. As an environmental and community enthusiast, she has participated in volunteer programs including Acterra's  Be The Change program, church drought tolerant landscaping and solar panel projects, and local high school athletic facilities reconstruction efforts.

You can learn more about CA Prop 59 and get involved with the campaign at

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