Move to Amend Ohio Statewide Network Meeting Agenda

February 1, 2013

Move to Amend Ohio Statewide Gathering

Saturday, February 9 / 11:30 am – 5:00 pm
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus
93 W. Weisheimer Rd., Columbus, Ohio


¬    11:30      Welcome / Greetings / Housekeeping      Michael Greenman (Central OH)

¬    11:45      Lunch – Introduce event and individual introductions (name, residence,
          how did you become involved?)                  Greg Coleridge (Ohio)
o    Informal discussions
o    Affiliate/Partner Reports (3 minutes max)

¬    1:00     MTA National Update/Strategies for 2013       David Cobb (National)

¬    1:30     Questions/discussion on MTA update and on ending corporate
         personhood/money as speech issues

¬    2:00     Break

¬    2:10     Organizing at the LOCAL level:
o    How to organize municipal resolution campaigns? – 15’
Dick McGinn (tentative)  (Athens)
o    How to organize citizen initiative campaigns? – 15’
Rose Petsche (Brecksville)
o    How to activate petition signers (inreach)  – 10’
Susan Gaydos  (Cleveland)
o    How to bring in new people/groups (outreach)? – 15’
David, Tabitha Woodruff (?)
o    How do we further/deepen awareness/education? – 15’      Michael
o    How do we better use technology?  – 10’
Farrell Brody (Central OH), Michael, Greg

¬    3:30    Break

¬    3:40    Organizing at the STATE level.  What is our strategy?    David Cobb

External projects/campaigns –
o    Group endorsements
o    Increasing diversity
o    Pledge to Amend
o    State resolution
o    State initiative
o    Outreach to Federal officials

Building internal capacity
o    Oversight committee/board
o    New affiliates and partners
o    Coordinators and active members

¬    4:30    Ways to help/support each other

¬    4:45    Next steps/meeting –Conference calls? Webinars? Specific topic calls?
        Next statewide meeting?

¬    5:00    Raffle winner / Closing exercise