The Move To Amend Live Report - July 2017

July 26, 2017

Howdy folks! Welcome to this edition of Move to Amend’s monthly live stream -- the Move to Amend Report. This is the space where you can learn about what’s going down in the movement to amend the US Constitution and legalize democracy.

We really encourage your participation as we go along, so if you have any questions for the National Team, make a comment during the livestream and we will answer your question in real time. 

We welcome any suggestions you have for improvement, so please let us know how these live streams are working for you. 

And right now, you can post in the comments where you’re tuning in from! Keyan is working the comments so he’ll be posting links and follow up details about the projects and events we reference.

Let us know that you’re here by posting a comment to tell us where you’re tuning in from and if you’re active with Move to Amend yet in your community!

We’re in the home stretch before next month’s Democracy Convention in Minneapolis, MN - August 2-6.

Move to Amend is organizing one of 8 different conferences that all fall under the banner of this Democracy Convention. The different conferences that will be happening all at once are:

Community & Economic Democracy Conference
Earth Rights & Global Democracy Conference
Education United for Democracy Conference
Media Democracy Conference
Peace & Democracy Conference
Racial Justice for Democracy Conference
Representative Democracy Conference

And then Move to Amend is organizing the “Democratizing the Constitution Conference.”

Join us at the Democracy Convention! Get all the details here 

Highlights from July:

House Joint Resolution 48 introduced January 30 - we are up to 44 co-sponsors. 

Our goal was 35 by the end of the year, so we’re doing absolutely great! 
Our big goal for this year is to get the We the People Amendment introduced in the US Senate. Kaitlin laid the groundwork when she visited several Senators in June, and now we need put the pressure on these Senators when they come back to their home states during the August Recess.

We The People Lobby Month Webinar recording. If you missed it, tune in here to get all the details for how you can initiate a meeting with your representatives during the August recess when they are in your state!

How to schedule in-district visits with Senators’ offices we met with:

Jon Tester - Montana
Sheldon Whitehouse - Rhode Island
Sherrod Brown - Ohio 
Al Franken & Amy Klobuchar - Minnesota 
Elizabeth Warren & Ed Markey - Massachusetts
Kamala Harris - California 
Jeff Merkley - Oregon 
Tammy Duckworth - Illinois

What Else is Coming Up?

We The People Lobby Month Webinar 
We the People Listen Campaign is underway but the campaign is flexible so there’s still plenty of time to get involved.
Get all the details about We the People Listen here: 

Affiliate Shout Outs
Welcome Lakes Area MTA! If you're living in or around Brainerd, you can check out their webpage to stay in the loop about local opportunities to get involved!

Thank you to the affiliates in our Minnesota State Network for their continued work to earn organizational endorsements, outreach to local colleges/universities, and helping spread the word about the Democracy Convention
Visit the Minnesota state page to find the active affiliate groups nearest you and stay in the loop about local opportunities to get involved!

Great job to OH State Network for reaching out to local supporters and cultivating new affiliate organizers
Check the Ohio state page to find active affiliate groups nearest you and stay in the loop about local opportunities to get involved!

Shout out to our new Outreach Co-Director Greg Coleridge for being featured in the local Cleveland Scene magazine for his tireless activism and organizing work with Cleveland Heights MTA!
Shout out to Metro Denver Move to Amend for their !

August is We The People Lobby Month where we'll be making a big push to meet with our Congressmembers to ask our House Representatives to co-sponsor House Joint Resolution 48 and ask our Senators to introduce a companion bill.

Help us introduce the We The People Amendment into the US Senate by scheduling a visit with your Senator during their August Recess! Learn how to schedule a meeting and find materials to share at:

We’re gearing up to do a good bit of Barnstorming this fall
Oregon in August
Ohio in September
Pennsylvania in October
Arizona in November

You can stay in the loop as we update our touring schedule by going to our Barnstorming page on our website! This is also where you can request a speaker to come to your town!

Wednesday, August 23 at 5pm PST / 6pm MST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST