Move to Amend Kitsap reaching petion milestone.

February 12, 2013

As of February 12, 2013 Move to Amend Kitsap has nearly collected over 1,000 signatures calling for a motion to amend the US Constitution. Most active has been the group working on Bainbridge Island. That group will soon be applying for MTA Affiliate status, giving residents of the West Sound area that are interested in getting involved, another option to join the movement. Also very active is the group in Bremerton. Recently the County Commissioners were addressed at their meeting by members of MTA Kitsap. This effort was the direct result of fine work done by the Bremerton group, and supported by MTA Kitsap members from around the county. If you reside in Kitsap County, and are interested in joining with our growing movement, please mtakitsap [at] (subject: I%20want%20to%20join%20the%20movement!) (contact )us.!



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