Monthly Forum/Book Discussion

December 27, 2017

This month, we will hear from Prescott Area Move To Amend volunteer coordinator, Michael Adcock, with a 10-minute speech on Move To Amend, including a word on both national and local activities.

Enjoy networking opportunities and good food and drink.  An intermission will ensue after the initial discussion and when people are finished eating.  Stick around to discuss the first half of the book Gangs of America, by Ted Nace.  Download it for free here:

Those not interested in the book can of course leave during the intermission.

WHERE AND WHEN: We meet in the back room at The Office Restaurant and Bar, 128 North Cortez Street, Prescott. This month's meeting will be Wednesday, December 27th, beginning at 5:00 and ending around 6:30, with an intermission before the book discussion. See you there!