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Michael Adcock

  • ONLINE: Fright Night - Racism, Corporate Power, and other Horrors.

    Fright Night: Racism, Corporate Power, and other Horrors

    Film Screening & Discussion

    Friday, October 30th

    6pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern

    (The Zoom capacity for this event is limited to 100 participants.) 

    How do horror movies reflect culture, attitudes, and social values? How do they help people endure racism and oppression? Join Move to Amend as we screen classic cult and horror films and discuss together how these films highlight systemic racism and social justice issues in the United States. 

    We will watch one 30-minute segment from Tales From the Hood II and the entirety of They Live, followed by a lively discussion led by National Board members and horror film aficionados, George Friday and Daniel Lee. The whole event will run about 3 hours.

    --->To receive a Zoom link to join the movie screening and discussion, RSVP below and a link will be emailed to you. 

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    October 30, 2020 at 6pm
    105 rsvps rsvp

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