A Message from Jessica: Her Home Town Burned Down

December 26, 2018

Last month my whole world changed. I was born and raised in Paradise, CA -- a town that no longer exists.

A massive wildfire took my whole town in the course of 14 minutes.

Companies like PG&E and extraordinarily dry conditions and drought caused by irresponsible companies and policies are the culprit, but they will not suffer like the people did and still are. They'll pass costs along to consumers and move along. My family and 40,000 of our neighbors will not. 

This is serious.

We are on the brink of climate collapse and our government is not responding to the crisis because it serves the corporate bottom line over protecting the people.

California, like many other parts of the world, is suffering from climate catastrophe, and it's more important than ever to engage. Don't look away because it's sad, look closer because we can do something about it.

We must hold corporations accountable for the damage they cause, and to do that, we need to address the power they have to make policies and create conditions where these disasters are going to keep happening. That's why I work for Move to Amend. That's why I donate to Move to Amend every month.

This is an emergency. If we don't take power from giant corporations and begin seriously addressing climate change, I'm afraid your town will be next. 

Please support the organization working to change the balance of power so that corporations are held accountable for their actions and we have a government that protects the rights and lives of human beings over profit. Please make a donation to Move to Amend today.

I recorded this video a few days after the fire. Thank you for watching and hearing my story.

Sincerely yours,

Jessica Munger
Program Director, Move to Amend

P.S. My family is still picking up the pieces of what happened to us. We will be for a long time. Yesterday we spent our Christmas visiting the ruins of our family home together. It is too late for Paradise to avoid the impacts of climate catastrophe, but it is not to late to act. But we can't rely on corporations to change without us flexing our power and demanding the change. Please support Move to Amend to change the rules and save our democracy so we can save our world.