May Actions: 10 Years of Citizens United, 134 Years of Corporate Persons, ENOUGH!

May 6-10, 2020 - National Week of Action For The #WeThePeopleAmendment

We're calling on all members of the House of Representatives to co-sponsor HJR 48, the We The People Amendment! Will you be a part of the next National Week of Action for the 28th Amendment?

Get started by checking to see if your Representative is a co-sponsor:                                       

If your Representative IS already a co-sponsor:

  • Send them a thank you letter or email
  • Make a call to thank them for co-sponsoring
  • Ask them to encourage other Representatives from your state to join as co-sponsors too!
  • Consider neighboring districts with Representatives who have NOT co-sponsored to plan an action around, then join our support calls

If your Representative is NOT a co-sponsor:

  • Register to join our bi-weekly support calls here
  • Go over the materials to skill up on theory and tactics of non-violent action (see study resources below)
  • Start making regular phone calls to your Representatives offices (in district and DC) to ask that they co-sponsor HJR 48 (see script below)
  • Call your Representative's in-district office to schedule a lobby visit (don't worry, we'll help you prepare - see lobbying materials below)
  • Start sending regular emails to your Representative to ask them to co-sponsor HJR 48 
  • Start commenting on and tagging your Representatives on social media to remind them about the amendment
  • Start talking with your friends and community members to gather some others who want to help

Support Call Schedule

  • Wednesday, March 11th - 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern - Kickoff Call (Register here)
  • Wednesday, March 18th - 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern - Special Week 2 Check-in Call 
  • Wednesday, April 1st - 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern - Regular Support Call
  • Wednesday, April 15th  - 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern - Regular Support Call
  • Wednesday, April 29th  - 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern - Regular Support Call
  • Wednesday, May 13th  - 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern - Regular Support Call
  • Wednesday, May 27th - 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern - Debrief Call

Non-Violent Action Study Resources

Move to Amend values political education and believe that studying strategy, tactics, and history are important to building a strong, capable People's movement with the muscle to win. Below are some materials we've curated and created about non-violent creative action and civil disobedience. More resources will be added regularly as we approach May, 2020. 

Tips for Gathering Your Team

To pull of an action, there are some things you should be doing throughout the planning/preparation:

  • Increase public support - collect as many petition signatures as you can during the planning stages of your action. One or two people on your team should be dedicated to collecting petition signatures to increase public support, increase constituent pressure on the representative, potentially increase your active volunteers,  and educate your community about what you’re asking your representative to do. 
  • Collect organizational endorsements:
  • Hold a film screening of our short documentary, Legalize Democracy
  • Send an email blast to your community, or to the district you're organizing for. Email to submit an email blast and we'll send it out for you!


  • Why May 6-10?
    • Our Representatives are in-district this week, making it easier to access them for lobby visits!
    • May 10, 2020 marks 134 years since the Supreme Court surreptitiously gave corporations rights under the 14th Amendment, beginning a long history of corporations gaining constitutional rights

  • Can I still participate if I can't make the support calls?
    • Absolutely! We will record each video call and post them to this webpage. You can email if you have questions

  • I'm not an expert in this topic, can I still lobby my Representative?
    • Yes! You don't need to be an expert to lobby, you just have to be passionate! We will help you feel prepared to do a lobby visit and equip you with all the resources you need. Remember, they work for you!

  • Can I organize an action in a district where I'm not a constituent? 
    • Yes! If your Representative has already co-sponsored, or you think there's a better target in a nearby district, you can plan an action for someone who is not representing you. You'll need to have at least one or two constituents with you to lobby, but you can still make it happen! We'll help you try to get constituents to join you. 

Lobbying Tips and Resources

Lobbying is a form of advocacy directed at influencing the actions of elected officials. Your elected officials are in office to represent you, their constituents. It is their job to listen to your concerns and to take them into account when making decisions. However, elected officials are not mind readers -- you must tell them what you want them to do. Lobbying is how you do that.

Lobbying is something that anyone can do -- and something that many more people should do! When used by people working in the public interest, lobbying is a force for good.

Script for Calling Your Representative

Find your Representative's phone number here

Script:  "Hi, my name is ___ and I’m a constituent. I’m calling to ask Representative ___ to co-sponsor House Joint Resolution 48, the We The People Amendment." (They may then ask you for your address or zip code)