Local Ballot Initiatives in the News!

November 4, 2013
Tom Henry

want to share some recent publicity for Move to Amend in yesterday's Toledo Blade article by Tom Henry regarding some ballot initiatives in northwest Ohio. Tom highlights the City of Defiance ballot measure, which gives voters the chance to vote in support of an amendment to the constitution declaring that corporations do not have the rights of persons and that money is not speech. Delores Whitman of the Defiance Move to Amend affiliate has put in a yeoman's effort to bring the ballot measure to the attention of the voters. Tom Henry also highlights the hard-fought campaign to establish a community bill of rights in Bowling Green through a charter amendment ballot measure. Let's hope for victory for both of these ballot measures. They represent the growing tide of a populist democracy movement that will build and grow and surely become a formidable challenge to corporate rule that currently prevails over "we the people".

If you have a moment, please leave a comment on Tom's article and let him you you appreciate him bringing wider attention to our growing Move to Amend democracy movement. Here is the link to Tom's Blade article.


This article comes on the heels of last week's Blade three-part series by Kris Turner highlighting the abuse of the public trust represented by the State's (essentially) corporate welfare system and the total lack of transparency by JobsOhio. We must continue to draw connections between our MTA mission and these corporate abuses and we need to do so on a local level that is personal to our neighbors in northwest Ohio.

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