Letter: Time for Comcast to pay its share

October 18, 2016
Bob Ozretich

Comcast on the one hand can spend $465,000 (to date) to defeat Measure 97 and run its share of advertisements from the $17 million campaign that opposes Measure 97, but on the other, it can censor out mention of Comcast in advertisements in support of Measure 97.

You would think that a company that does business with the public as a cable television/internet monopoly in Corvallis and many communities around the state and across the country could not do both of these activities.

Well, you would be wrong, because this megacorporation is a person with the constitutional right to speak, spending as much money as it likes in this election promoting what it wants you to hear, and not to speak, by not permitting advertisements that would have it "saying" things it doesn't want you to hear, e.g., that it isn't paying its fair share of Oregon taxes. With $75 billion in revenue, owning one of the three major news networks, NBC, and with a third of its voting shares controlled by its CEO (net worth, $1.6 billion), through his Roberts Family Trust, it is high time for Comcast and multinational megacorporations, like Sysco with $50 billion in sales to pay their fair share of Oregon taxes.


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