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January 21, 2013
Bradley Geyer

January 21 is the anniversary of the US Supreme Court decision in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. What began as a challenge to the law which prohibited corporations and unions from airing political messages within 30 days of an election ended up as a huge expansion of the rights of corporations and unions. These entities, according to the court, are entitled to the same rights people have including those in the Bill of Rights.

What was created to establish justice, insure tranquility, provide for defense, promote the general welfare and secure liberty; now serves to promote the profitability of a few, the most powerful and well connected.

The big money drowns out the voices of almost all Americans. Those who were meant to represent us in this republic do not represent the people, they now serve the highest bidder. It is nearly impossible for small and locally owned business to compete with the largest multi-national companies for the attention of their own elected officials. It has become nearly impossible for the average citizen to be heard. All the people need to be represented.

Here in Wisconsin, since 2010, campaign spending has more than tripled according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. You can see some of that spending in the endless television advertisements, radio advertisements and mailings largely from groups we really are not able to determine who they are.

Edward G. Ryan, Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court said it years ago: "The question will arise and arise in your day, though perhaps not fully in mine, which shall rule wealth or man; which shall lead money or intellect; who shall fill public stations educated and patriotic freemen, or the feudal serfs of corporate capital..."

Move To Amend is working to get the voice of the people back into our political system. We are working to pass resolutions across the country and the goal is to be able to regulate union and corporate money, any money that is not from individuals because our voice and our vote need to be represented again. To reach our goal we are working towards amending the US Constitution with hundreds of similar grassroots efforts across the country.

On January 14th, a new Move To Amend group was formed in Janesville to focus on Rock County. Also, on Wednesday January 23rd, the Rock River Affiliate of Move To Amend will have it’s next meeting at 7pm at the Fort Atkinson Library Community Room. Our group consists of the people of Jefferson, Dodge, Walworth Counties and surrounding areas. The public is welcome.

Please join us in working to have corporate and union money regulated once again so we have a voice.

Bradley Geyer

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