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August 29, 2017

Thousands of Move to Amend volunteers across the nation have been building a grassroots movement over the past seven years from the bottom up.

Move to Amend was the first organization to take on the Citizens United ruling and all the other Supreme Court decisions creating corporate Constitutional rights, and we are the only grassroots organization with an infrastructure in place with the potential to win and ratify the We the People Amendment (HJR 48).

We march to the beat of our own drummer. We neither take our cues from members of Congress or political parties, nor do we follow the tune of D.C.-based organizations content to reform campaign spending without addressing corporate rule. We believe the people hold the power, and it is our goal to empower folks in an unstoppable democracy movement.

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Congress has never acted to expand human rights unless a people's movement has demanded them. It is our goal to build a democracy movement so broad and wide that we cannot be denied, which is why Move to Amend has centralized race and anti-oppression in our work. No other organization in our field is as prepared as we are to battle systemic racism and is willing to go to the front lines of struggle as allies of the oppressed. To win, all of us must be singing the same tune.

Jump on the bandwagon! Become a $28 for the 28th Amendment sustaining member today!

We don't have a fancy high rent office in D.C. or a millionaire like George Soros backing us. Our small, underpaid staff and interns do the bulk of Move to Amend's administration from a tiny office in Sacramento, while our grassroots volunteers do the heavy lifting across the country. Your contribution helps us keep the lights on, but the bulk of your contribution is spent on our programs and grassroots organizing.

We will gladly accept monthly contributions of less than $28 or for more than $28. Please use this link to determine the level of giving which best suits you.

The fact that the We the People Amendment has 44 co-sponsors shows that our efforts are having a real impact. And when we raise a chorus singing one song --passage and ratification of the We the People Amendment -- our bandwagon will be well on its way to our final destination: a vibrant democracy.

Jump on the bandwagon! Become a $28 for the 28th Amendment sustaining member today!

P.S. Monthly donations are the lifeblood of Move to Amend. We are better able to plan, mobilize, and take action within a regular budget. We cannot afford a lack of funding to stop our movement any more than we can afford to compromise on our demands. Please join our monthly donor program now!