JOIN US on June 11 When We Submit Our Petitions to the County

June 11, 2012


We finished collating and counting the petitions and we got 5662 signatures, 74% more than we needed. Considering the average 40% signature disqualification rate, we have more than ample to make up for any disqualified signatures.

JOIN US on Monday, June 11, at 11am, at the Mendocino County Registrar - Recorder's office in Ukiah to help hand in the stack of petitions. Then we wait 30 days to find out if the County Clerk will certify our signatures for the Board of Supervisors to approve for the November ballot.

Be sure to contact your Supervisor to tell them you want to see this Citizen's Initiative to Defend Democracy on the ballot. (707) 463-4221

  • Carre Brown, 1st District Supervisor
  • John McCowen, 2nd District Supervisor
  • John Pinches, 3rd District Supervisor
  • Kendall Smith, 4th District Supervisor
  • Dan Hamburg, 5th District Supervisor