January 21st, 2018 National Day of Action!

Sunday, January 21, 2018 to Monday, January 22, 2018

Move to Amend is calling for a National Day of Action
Sunday, January 21st 2018! 

Show up publicly to remind your community about the extreme dangers of corporate rule! Act locally and be a part of the national day of action on the 8th Anniversary of Citizen's United!

On January 21st 2010, the Citizen's United v FEC ruling opened the floodgates for corporations, unions, and non-profit front groups wishing to keep their funders anonymous and to spend unlimited funds on political ads. Approaching the 8th anniversary of the dangerous ruling, it's more important than ever to pass the We The People Amendment to end corporate constitutional rights and money as speech! 

We invite you to show up in your community this January - to create a spectacle - to make a scene - to use creative civil disobedience to create visibility and send a message to your community about the movement to end corporate rule and legalize democracy! 

Below are some ideas for engaging in the National Day of Action on January 21st, and some resources for helping you maximize your action. If you're planning to participate, please let us know by RSVPing here, or emailing jessica [at] movetoamend.org

Action Ideas

Money Stamping

The idea: do tabling, petitioning, and public education by setting up a table in a public space for people to stamp their cash with messages about corporate rule, or host a money stamping party to get you and your friends to stamp as much cash as possible! 

Materials needed: People, card table, tape, stamps, petitions, move to amend sign, pens, chairs, bills to demonstrate stamping. Check out our new partner stamp from Stamp Stampede HERE

Donate $28 dollars to Move to Amend by midnight on Sunday, January 14, and we'll send you one as a gift in time for you to use it on the 21st. 

Display Distress Flags

The idea: Raise visibility and do public education through raising an upside down flag at home and/or in government spaces as a sign of distress.
*Note that the American Indian Movement inspired this idea

Materials needed: Either traditional or Adbusters flags, flagpoles, handouts

Action: Either -
Have participants fly the flag upside down at their own home or office, etc.
Have participants try to get their city council to fly the flag upside down at city hall or other municipal sites.
Carry an upside down flag through or to a public space to create a discussion
At each site, hand out leaflets about the state of corporate rule.

Singing in the Halls

The idea: Create spectacle and disruption by singing in the balconies/halls of government buildings. Alternatively this could be done in any public space like grocery stores, farmers markets, shopping malls, similar to flash mobs.

Materials needed: People, song books, handouts/leaflets to distribute

Action: Take large groups to government buildings (state houses, courthouses, etc) and sing songs. Songs should be eerie, short and easy to memorize, will stick in people’s heads, haunting in tone.

Street Messaging

The idea: Widely distribute small/medium sized stickers with messages on them and people can post them around their neighborhood

Materials needed: Stickers

The idea: Widely distribute message by chalking sidewalks and other public spaces

Materials needed: chalk, sample messages

Lit/money Drop

The idea: Drop an overwhelming amount of paper materials in government chambers to distribute information and create spectacle.

Materials needed: Printed literature, people

The Action: Take a large group into state or federal congressional chambers and drop either leaflets with educational materials or fake money with a simple message over the banister onto the floor.

Flash Mobs

The idea: A large group of people erupt into (seemingly) random choreography to draw attention to them while others pass out educational leaflets.

Materials needed: people, brochures or other materials to hand out, volunteer to control music, portable music player and song

The action: Teach a group of people simple dance choreography that can be performed in public. Have a volunteer go out with them to start the music. When they all start to dance in synchronicity it will draw attention to the group, then other volunteers can hand out educational materials.

Reveal What’s Behind the Curtain

The idea: In a public place or in front of an office, erect a curtain with a board behind it revealing corporate sponsors .

Materials needed: plywood, curtain, large printed corporate logos

The idea: Educate constituents about the corporate influence of their electeds by erecting a curtain with the logos behind it, so people will be curious what’s behind the curtain and can interact with the installation giving you an opportunity to explain the 28th amendment and distribute material. Another option is putting a printed photo of the targeted representative on the outside of the curtain.

Light Projection

The idea: Display large images and messaging in public spaces with light projector equipment

Materials needed and action idea by Backbone Campaign :http://www.backbonecampaign.org/projection

Overpass Light Display

The idea: Display messaging about corporate rule and money as speech on freeway overpasses

Materials needed and action idea from Backbone Campaign: Learn more at http://www.backbonecampaign.org/overpass_light_brigade

Street Theater 

The idea: Perform public skits which passer bys can engage with. The group should have at least one person not performing who can talk to people, collect signatures, and distribute literature. 

Materials Needed: Some volunteers and a sense of humor. See character and costume ideas HERE and skits and script ideas HERE

Reaching out to Faith and Ethical Communities

The idea: Since January 21 is on a Sunday, approach religious congregations that worship/gather on the weekend (Muslims on Friday, Jewish on Saturday and Christians on Sunday) to speak/reflect on the connections between corporate power (personhood), money in elections and spiritual/ethical principles and to speak before appropriate congregational committees (i.e. Social Concerns, Peace, etc.).

Materials needed: Go to the Move to Amend Interfaith Caucus page at https://movetoamend.org/interfaith-caucus for a list of sample sermons/presentations to share with faith leaders and other materials to share with congregants and for background in developing a presentation.

Sign Up to Participate!

Click here to let us know you're in! We can connect you with others in your area.

Tips for Media Attention

Tips for Success

  • Materials you print and distribute should explain that corporate personhood existed long before Citizen's United
  • Check out our materials store if you want to distribute materials we've already created
  • Don't forget to bring plenty of petitions and pens to collect signatures. Print ready doc here: https://movetoamend.org/sites/default/files/mta-updated-petition-2017.pdf
  • Let us know if you're participating and we can help you send an email blast to your community to engage more participants!