Initiative 735 Jefferson County Kick-off

Sign I-735 WAmend
April 23, 2015

Jefferson County Move to Amend affiliate is holding a kick-off event for Initiative at 7 pm on April 23rd at the Port Townsend Community Center. I-735 is the new Washington State initiative calling for an amendment to the Constitution to get big money out of politics. 

If organizers and volunteers collect enough signatures this year to put I-735 on the ballot in Washington State, and if voters approve the measure in 2016, Washington will become the 17th state calling on Congress for a Constitutional Amendment to reduce the influence of money over elections. I-735 specifies that money is not a form of free speech, that Constitutional rights belong only to individuals, and that governments have the power to regulate political contributions.

I-735 is spearheaded by WAmend, a statewide coalition of more than 25 organizations.  WAmend Campaign director Gabe Meyer and state field organizer Tiffany McCoy will be on hand to lay out the statewide strategy for obtaining the 350,000 signatures necessary for putting I-735 on the ballot over the next eight months. Petitions will be available, and a short training session will be held on effective ways to approach potential signers. Come join the campaign to get big money out of politics!

For more information on I-735 visit or contact Jefferson County WA Affiliate.